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Monday, September 30, 2013

L is for LUCKY

As a follow-up to last week's post about my being a klutz, I must let you know that I am one lucky lady!  I saw the orthopedic surgeon last Friday and was told I don't need my ankle to be pinned.  Whew!  Dodged a bullet there, didn't I?  If I had needed pins, I'd have had to start at the beginning all over again.  The doctor said I could gradually put weight on my foot as long as I still wear the boot, and I can wean myself off the crutches.  What a relief that is because my hands are sore from hanging on to them.  In fact, I even popped some blood vessels on my left hand from the pressure.  I can also take the boot off to sleep or if I know I'm going to be sitting down for a while. I'll be limping for some time, though.

How do you like them bruises?  And the yellow is bruising, not an old tan! You can actually see the blackish bruising around where my ankle twisted all around from the heel to the middle of the inner and outer foot.

He showed me the x-ray of my ankle and it's amazing how badly it hurt at the time considering how small a break it is!  I have a lot more respect for people who go through terribly traumatic accidents and have to be pinned back together!  My ankle is going to be sore for a long time and I will need some physiotherapy on it, too.  But I will walk normally again while others end up in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives.

Also, for those of you who remember that Lorne had liver cancer surgery mid-August, I'll update you on him, too.  His surgery was succesful and they only had to take 1/3 of his liver instead of the planned 2/3.  The two spots were localized and the chemo he'd had prior to surgery had killed 75% of one spot and 50% of the other.  However,  (don't you just hate that word?) the oncologist recommends he have 8 more chemo treatments to kill any more tiny little "buggers" that might be hiding in his body.  *Sigh*  That means 4 more months of chemo.  But his doctor will just go one treatment at a time because Lorne got so sick from the chemo before.  This is pro-active treatment after all.

Although we both consider ourselves very lucky, we have a bit of a bumpy road still ahead of us.  We had planned to get married mid-January, but we have decided to put it off until springtime when he's finished his treatments and recovered well from them - and has a good head of hair back again.  lol

Life goes on and we all make the best of the hand we're dealt.  I have to spend most of my time now off my feet lounging around with my booted foot up.  In the meantime, be sure to think of the lovely Mrs. Nesbitt, the creator of ABC Wednesday, of the loyal Roger, our administrator, and of the likeable team of assistants who come around to visit and lavish you with their learned comments.

Note:  The lower extremities below the shins really aren't the most lovely features of the human anatomy, are they?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

K is for KLUTZ

Yeppers! I am a klutz - 100% certified now!
You know how bad things seems to happen in three's?  Well, my third "bad thing" is a doozie!  Shall we start at the beginning, though?

Okay, my daughter got married August 18th and I had a bad fall.  Well, I didn't think it was "that" bad - more embarrassing than anything else.  What happened was that my left high heel got stuck in the grass while my right heel slipped on a metal cover plate (plumbing I assume) and off I went - landed on my right hip and shoulder and my right ankle turned a bit.  Pulling my dress down to hide everything, I jumped up assuring everyone I was fine and carried on.

About 2 weeks later, I'm at the dog park with Tegan.  She was playing with another dog when they suddenly started to get a bit too rough.  So, as I was trying to get the leash on her, both dogs got under my feet and I started to go over.  Fearing another fall, I put my right leg out to catch myself (successfully) but felt my lower back on the right side go "riiiiiiiiiiiiip" - Sh*t!!!  I could hardly make it back to the car and ended up lying flat on the floor for two days until I could limp around a bit.

So the third thing???  It's a doozie alright!  I'm walking through the front door (actually it was open!) when my left foot caught the sill and over I went again!  I landed on my left knee while my right leg flew through the air and my right ankle caught the edge of the cement part. I actually heard it snap!  And off we went to emergency.

After two separate x-rays, I was informed that I had two fractures, but one appeared to be about a month old.  What?  That was probably the fall at the wedding - but I felt no pain then!  This time, I did!  On came the lovely big black inflatable boot and out came the crutches.  I also may have to see an orthopedic surgeon to check if I need pins!  Oh, lucky me!

The only positive I can think of is that it happened just in time for K week, so I could use the word "klutz" and really mean it!   Also, Lorne is well enough now to look after ME for a change and he has been so kind.  He has also broken an ankle in the past so knows what it's like.  He brings me my meals, the newspaper, drinks, pain pills, and whatever book I'm reading at the time.  Two weeks without putting weight on my foot seems such a long time....but perhaps the time will fly by.

In the meantime, be sure to give kudos to the kittenish Mrs. Nesbitt for creating ABC Wednesday and to the keen Roger, our administrator.  Also, don't forget about the knowledgeable team of assistants who give kicking reviews to your posts.

Isn't this just a killer fashion look? lol  I deserve a pedicure after this is all over and done with!

PS:  Just heard today (Tuesday) I have to see the orthopedic surgeon on Friday!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


One day in early August this year, Lorne and I took Tegan to Deas Island Park near our home in Ladner, BC.  There was a spot where I had seen dogs swimming in one of the Fraser River's tributaries, so we thought we'd check it out.  The tide was a bit out so the beach part was quite muddy.  That didn't deter Tegan one little bit and off she bounced right into the water.  
Between throwing sticks and stones for her to capture, I took some photos of the area.  I kept looking down in order not to sink and noticed something peculiar lying in the wet, muddy beach.
Several of them, donut-shaped, were in various stages of decay and covered in thin, slimy mud. Upon closer inspection, I thought they seemed jelly-like but without any extremities.  They were actually quite creepy looking, but I took some photos so I could check on the internet later.

It turns out they were dead jellyfish.  I've seen pictures of jellyfish in the ocean or in an aquarium and they are always very fascinating to watch as they float and glide through the water.  However, upon researching them, I found out that there are several varieties and they don't live very long.  At first, I thought these might be "moon jellyfish" but apparently they can be 40 cm in diameter and all the ones I saw were smaller than that.  So I pushed on and found another variety called "compass jellyfish" which are about 30 cm in diameter.  That seemed more likely to be the variety.  I also checked to see if they are found in my area and they are.  But beware - even when dead, they can pack a mighty sting!

I think I prefer to watch jellyfish in the aquarium as they float beautifully in the clear water.  They're far more appealing than the ones I found decaying on the river's edge.
Thanks to Roger, our administrator, for his jolly good work in keeping ABC Wednesday a very popular place to visit each week.  Also, thanks to the joyful Denise Nesbitt who created ABC Wednesday many years ago and the jocular group of helpers who jaunt over to the contributors to see what they have journaled for us all.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

I is for ISLANDS

Off the west coast of British Columbia and the east coast of Vancouver Island are what are known as the "Gulf Islands."  Many people have summer homes on these islands and others spend many an incomparable summer vacation on them.  Some of the more popular islands are Quadra, Cortez, Bowen, Gambier, Keats, Hornby, Denman, Galiano, Mayne, Saltspring, Saturna, and Texada.  Many of the southern islands are home to artists and are known for their wineries, fromageries, and farms.  They're also known for their incredible beauty.
One of my favourite spots to see these islands from a distance is at Lighthouse Park in Point Roberts, Washington.  It's only about a 10-15 minutes drive from my home south of Vancouver, British Columbia. If you look at the above map, find "Tsawwassen" and below that is a dotted line. That's the border to the USA, and the park is just south the there. It's never crowded, but it is clean with full facilities, a rocky beach, and inspiring views of both the Gulf Islands and the mountains north of the city of Vancouver.  It's fun to take the dog swimming here because the water is impeccably clean and calm; it's restful to sit on a log and watch the boats - ferries taking people to the islands, speed boats, fishing boats, and sailboats.  You can take a stroll along the gravel trail or a drive around the point for varying perspectives of the view.

I have put together just a few photos I've taken over the past few years of some of the views from this idyllic location.  But before you take a look, don't forget to give thanks to the indomitable Denise Nesbitt, the creator of ABC Wednesday, to Roger, our illustrious administrator, and to each member of the team who visits everyone that contributes in order to give illuminating comments.
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