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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gramma's Pride and Joy

For those of you who aren't into babies, just come back another day - because I'm sharing more photos from today's visit with my little munchkins. Eden is now 3 months old and Noah is a feisty 4 1/2 now. When we arrived, Noah (with a fresh haircut) was on the deck playing with a caterpillar and he wanted me to come and see it. So off I went and we named him Fuzzy (but later Noah changed it to Superman). Noah was manhandling it like little boys do, so I suggested we make a bed for him. We found a container and went down to the lawn and gathered up some grass, dried pine needles, a pine cone, a few sticks, and even a wood bug (Woody) to keep him company. Noah's Mommy was a bit creeped out by what we were doing, but I told her I used to do that when I was a little girl, only I'd collect Daddy Longlegs. Here's Noah holding "Fuzzy" aka "Superman."
When Eden woke up from her nap, all the attention turned to her. Noah was a bit jealous today and kept trying to get in all the photos with her. He told me all about how he married her because he kisses her all the time. He hasn't quite figured out marriage yet, other than that people hug and kiss. So cute!

So Eden was all smiles today, can hold her head up when placed in the face down position on her blankie and tries hard to turn over. When she did a big "spitty-up" we turned her over. Here I am wiping her little mouth.

Another month and she'll be rolling over like there's nothing to it. Right now she likes the sitting position so her Mommy puts her in it, holds her steady and then lets go - but then catches her as she falls over like an old drunk. lol

At one point in the afternoon, Noah tried to take over and get the attention. So he got down on the floor with his baby sister and was trying to get her to look at a toy he was holding up. I love this photo because it looks so typical of a sister thinking to herself, "If I don't acknowledge him, maybe he'll go away. Stupid brother!"

But usually, she watches him all the time! In these two photos her eyes are on Noah and whatever he was doing.

My blogging friend Liz sent along a toy football for Noah when she sent Eden a gift when she was born. It's one of Noah's favourite toys and he loves to play catch with it, especially with me. So whenever I go to visit he asks me, "You want to play catch, Gramma?" So out it comes and my daughter told me that Eden gets into the game now. She holds her little hands, Noah tosses it gently to her, and Mommy helps her catch it and throw it back. Here they are demonstrating.

Pretty soon, Eden showed signs of hunger and sleepiness, so I left them to it and came along home to upload and enjoy my photos from today.

But before I sign off, I just wanted to show you this photo. Look how chubby she is! She's obviously very healthy but her Mommy is worried she's inherited her legs! And one thing she has definitely inherited is her Daddy's ears. See those little Spock ears? They curl out at the top!


starnitesky said...

Such lovely photos and wonderful grandchildren, you are so blessed. Eden is growing fast and I can see Noah is your grandson!

Momma said...

Hi Leslie -

These are gorgeous pictures, and frankly I don't know how you ever leave them to come home!

As to the chubby legs, tell your daughter to read this post by another blogging friend of mine. It's wonderful, and it's about those "yummy little fat rolls" :-)

Peace - D

Daryl said...

Oh Leslie .. he's getting so grown up looking! And Eden is precious .. such chubby legs .. they cry out to be kissed

I have Spock ears .. luckily I also have long hair to cover them


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

My word how she has grown!!!!! Chubby legs just like my grand-daughter.

Josie said...

Leslie, your little munchkins are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Omigosh!!!

You look so happy and proud in that picture at the top, and no wonder...!

I can hardly wait to meet them.

Paulie said...

What a precious bundle of joy! Her big brother ain't half bad either!

Liz said...

Oh, I'm glad he likes it!

I was cuddling a chubby baby today. Another lady and I were saying how lovely double chins look on babies! And then bemoaning our own!!

I love your comment about what Eden may be thinking: you've caught her thoughts perfectly i think!

Cedar said...

Dear Noah's Mom, I miss his hair very much, but he is still a handsome fella.