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Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Sunny Day in Vancouver

What a glorious day today! This morning I was reminded of Mr. Rogers and how he used to sing "It's a beautiful day in this neighbourhood, A beautiful day for a neighbour, ... So let's make the most of this beautiful day "

For all the hype and groaning we all do about the rain here, we do have some long stretches of wonderful weather. And there is so much to do here when it's nice. Here is a sampling of fun things to do in Vancouver on a sunny day.

1. Lounge at any of the myriad beaches found along the edges of the city or in many of the outlying areas. In the city you'll find the famous English Bay, Jericho Beach, Spanish Banks, and Kitsilano Beach. Take in the views of the city and the water while lunching on fish and chips and ice-cream, but be sure to take plenty of sunscreen!

2. There are three main waterparks in the the vicinity of Vancouver. One is at Bridal Falls, about an hour's drive outside of the city. One is at Cultus Lake, a very popular summer spot, and the third is very near me. This one is called Splashdown Park and it's just off the main route to the ferry that will take you to Vancouver Island.

3. Hiking is another favourite passtime of Vancouver and area residents. Beginners can take in Pacific Spirit Regional Park next to the grounds of the University of British Columbia. Intermediate hikers might want to try Dog Mountain, a 2.5 hour round trip hike on Mount Seymour. Experienced adventurers will love hiking to the Lions. It is one of the area's most popular and strenuous hikes, about 7 hours roundtrip and should be attempted by experienced, properly equipped hikers only.

4. Bike, walk, or roll around the Seawall in Stanley Park. This is a famous piece of urban infrastructure with amazing views of the ocean and mountains. Nearby on Denman Street, one can rent bikes or rollerblades.

5. Rent a kayak and spend hours exploring the shoreline around Vancouver. You never know what you might run into.
6. Of course, there are places where you can get ice-cream like the famous Dairy Queen, McDonald's, or various other parlours around town for specialty ice-cream or gelato.
I'm going to go and plant a daisy mum that a studen'ts mother gave me as a thank you for tutoring her son. It's lovely and I think it's had enough of sitting in my kitchen sink looking outside. It's time for it to join the other plants and flowers in the garden, so off I go. I wish I had some Italian gelato in my freezer.


Ruth D~ said...

Nice to see a positive appreciation of your spot in the sun, not always rain, Leslie. the world really is a beautiful place and the daisy mum will be lucky to grow where you plant it.

Inkster1 said...

Hi Leslie:
Thanks for visiting my Katonah blog. I wish I had tasted those tomatoes when I was in France myself. I think we put some "uglies" into my dad's garden, but I just don't remember now. We will have to wait for harvest! I've enjoyed learning what to do in Vancouver!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Just like reading a brochure but from a good friend that has seen it all in person!
Great information! And all so true. I love Vancouver and hope to get back out there soon one day.
Mountain Retreat

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

It all looks fantastic Leslie, what a brilliant day out you could have there!!

Russell said...

Enjoy the great weather! One way of looking at lots of rainy weather (and out here in Iowa, well...!) is that it makes those sunny days even more special!!

I have always thought it would be great fun to kayak around but since I am not swimmer but, rather, a sinker (!) it might not be the best choice for me! But it does look like great fun. I have canoed quite a few times but a kayak really gets you close to the water!! You must actually become a part of the water in one!

Take care and I think I will opt for doing something on land!!

Daryl said...

What a nice way to spend the day


Josie said...

Leslie...! Yay...!

Ice cream?

Do I hear the sound of the ice cream truck at Kits Beach?


Yes, I do... :-)

Jerez said...

Leslie, another destination place, It's been a few years since I got up to Vancouver, The lines at the border are long usually ( I should remember to take an out of the way crossing ).
I'm long overdue a trip your way, and your photos remind me of what all Vancouver has to offer that is so much fun.
Stanley Park, and what is that small Island where so many art Galleries are, I forget.. Anyway, thanks for giving me the boost!

Jerez said...

Leslie and all, I started a Cafe' Monday here at Mukilteo's View, We in The NW are known far and wide for our need for coffee, and folks everywhere have their own coffee habits and extravaganza's.

I thought Monday would be a good day to share the aroma. Wanted to invite you all, so stop by...and have a great Monday!

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