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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Welsh Visitors Arriving Soon

*Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge - especially the one of Jane's Dad and his artwork.

I am so excited that my friends Jane and Don are arriving next Sunday from Wales. I met Jane through blogging several years ago, and we met up in person in November of 2006 when I travelled by train to Wales. We hit it off immediately - we're both dog people and she had three big dogs at the time. (One has since passed away.)

Jane picked me up at the train station in Cardiff and we went for a lovely lunch - I remember we both had Welsh rarebit, a savory sauce made from a mixture of cheese and various other ingredients and served hot over toasted bread. Then we put my overnight case in her car and went and did a bit of shopping. I bought a new purse and two pairs of earrings - one gold and one silver (not real...lol). After settling in at her place, she took me to dinner at The Priory, a wonderful old place in Caerleon, not far from her home in Newport. This is also where she took my picture with the "dentally challenged" tree stump.

The next morning, after Jane had brought me tea in bed, we took in the Roman Museum complete with Roman baths and the Roman Amphitheater. The rest of the day was spent at St. Fagan's, the Welsh Living History Museum. Now that was amazing! Even in the November grey, it was an incredible place that I'd love to revisit one day in better weather.

Here's Jane vamping with a Roman soldier at the Roman Museum. And I flirted with this one.

I also met Jane's parents, a lovely couple who obviously adore each other and Jane. Mr. "Jane" is an artist and he proudly posed in front of an amazing piece of art he'd done years before. They wanted me to be sure to come back some day in the daylight so they could show me their back garden complete with a train.

I sure hope I'll be able to show Jane and her new beau Don a good time while they're here with me. They will be staying a few days here first and then will go over to Vancouver Island for two weeks, then come back for more of a visit with me before heading home. I'm lining up friends to come for a barbecue before they head home along with day trips to Fort Langley, White Rock, Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain and the Skyride, and the University of BC's Museum of Antropology (to see the totem poles). We'll also go out for dinner at a few nice places - hopefully Presto Cucina (where Josie & I have been twice), the River House on the Fraser River, maybe BC's famous White Spot, and maybe a seafood place.

I'm so excited to see her and to meet Don! Stay tuned for updates on our reunion.


Wilma Nesbitt said...

Oh WOW! This sounds so much fun Auntie Leslie! I love BBQ's as I often get titbits from everybody!

Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

Oh how nice - I am sure your Welsh visitors will enjoy themselves - I appreciate reading your comments on Wales particularly as I am from Cardiff but now live in Belgium. Also I would like to say that your blog is very interesting - have a good time with them Welshies boyo!

Josie said...

I can hardly wait to meet Jane. She looks really, really (!) nice. I love Welsh accents too.

Susan said...

Hi Leslie,
Have a wonderful time with your visitors. I hope the weather holds.
When we lived in England we went to Wales all the time on holidays. We would rent a caravan and stay in Temby which had the most amazing white sandy beaches.

Dr.John said...

Loved the pictures with the Roman soldiers. Wow! A railroad in a garden. Now that would be worth seeing.
I hope the visit goes well.

kissa said...

So exciting to have this to look forward to you will surely have the best time ever.

Russell said...

Have a wonderful visit with your Welsh friends! They are lucky to have you for a guide!!

Take care and take lots of pictures!

Liz said...

Have a wonderful time with your friend and her beau. I love St Fagans too.

sally in norfolk said...

its great to meet up with friends so have fun and enjoy :-)

leslie said...

Thanks everyone, and especially my "British" blogging buddies. I'm hoping they fall in love with the area and come here to live. They have been talking about moving out of the UK, so...

I have nearly finished the guest bedroom now. The bed is made, the remote for the TV has new batteries, I got new bedside tables upons which I put my parents' milk glass lamps. My daughter is painting the frames for the pictures I'll put up tomorrow and we'll be done! It looks so nice I'm thinking I should move in there! :D

So it's five sleeps til they're here and they'll go fast!

bettygram said...

I know you will have a great time as hostess.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Say "Hi" to them from me!