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Friday, June 13, 2008

Insomnia Sucks

It is now 4:49 am and I have not had one wink of sleep. I finally got up around 2:00 am and started playing Scramble on Facebook. After more than 2 hours, I managed to beat my own personal goal and reached 77 points! That's pretty damn good considering no sleep and my brain is pretty much mush now.

Normally, I don't have a problem sleeping, but maybe it's the fact that I was up until 3:00 am last night because I had to take my daughter to the ER with a vicious migraine. I sat by her hospital bed while the IV dripped the drugs into her veins until the pain subsided enough to take her home. I did sleep until 11:00 am and had a busy enough day, got some fresh air and exercise, had a student over, and ordered some bedding from Sears.

I dunno....it's starting to get light now so maybe I'll go make some coffee and wait for the newspaper to arrive. Should be coming any minute now. I have massage therapy at 10:45 am and I'd fall asleep on the table except that it hurts so damn much! I have a student at 4:00 pm and then I have to go out at 5:30 - maybe I better set my alarm for 3:00 pm when I get home from massage just in case I finally fall asleep and miss my tutoring session.

Anyone else have nights like this? *yawn*


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

No wonder you couldn't sleep after all that worry, Leslie. I have nights like that, too, and as you say, could sleep like a log when that alarm rings!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh man, that is awful to have nights like that! I hope your daughter is better... I hate migraines like that. They tried the Maxeran on me once but boy did I get a horrible reaction to that!! Almost killed me... migraines are terrible.
Insomnia is awful and the more you worry about not sleeping, the worse it gets. One night is bad enough but hopefully it doesn't continue night after night... you really need your sleep especially since you have problems with your back, you don't want that to flare up...
hang in there,my friend, I hope all goes well.

Jerez said...

I take zomig for migraines, and do Sudarshan Kriya mediation ( yoga breathing)Art of Living Foundation.

Try sublingual melatonin for sleep, only sublingual works for me, I use source naturals complex, Helps you dream too.

Here is a good quiz for when you can't sleep
feed the hungry with this one..
Hope you're better today, I empathize with you!

Daryl said...

There was a night earlier in this week when I dont think I slept for more than 10 minutes .. I had a new med added and a side effect can be sleeplessness .. thankfully it only occured the first nite ... I hate sleepless nights .. its just exhausting ...


leslie said...

Michele, they used maxeran with DHE (whatever that is) on her and it seemed to work okay.

jerez, I think I'll go check out that sublingual melatonin. Thanks.

Daryl, yes I'm exhausted and dizzy. I have to drive to my appt this morning for massage therapy. Maybe I'll fall asleep for an hour on the table.

WL - If I do doze off when I get home, I'll set my alarm and put it right at my head. lol

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leslie, Thank you for my lovely birthday message x x

Hope your daughter is feeling alot better now...you have a very good medical care over there, I have never heard of anyone going to ER for a migrane..well not it the UK.

I am going to have to watch you on Scramble :-)

Josie said...

In a word, yes. I have had nights like that, so you have my sympathy!

I'm glad Jaclyn is okay now. Gosh, what a worry!

I hope you're getting some Zzzzzzzzzzs.

Ruth D~ said...

Mama said there'd be nights like this. Pain is a likely culprit. That and all the other things that have plagued you. I'm awake more often than not and have had to pull over on the way to work, sometimes on the way home, to close my eyes, Not good. Hope it resolves soon.

Ruth W. said...

yes, as I get older, I have more and more of those nights. Will be nice once I retire, I won't have to force myself out of bed at 4 AM.

3 more years!!!!

Momma said...

I got a real laugh out of the graphic in your post!

Yes, I've battled insomnia since 1993. I now take Seroquel every night an hour before I go to bed, and it does the trick. Other things such as Tylenol PM and Benadryl worked for a bit, but as the stress on my job went up, the insomnia worsened. I might be able to cut back on the meds now that the stress level is much lower, but I'm not a fun person without my sleep :-)

Peace - D (hope you get some rest!)

leslie said...

Thanks everyone! I did fall asleep when I got home from massage therapy but did set my alarm for 3:00...woke up with a start about 5 to 3...

Did my tutoring session and am now dragging myself to a family bbq at my former school with my friend Cathy. She'll drive me home later. I'll probably be in bed before 9:00 tonight. *yawn*

nancygrayce said...

Oh, insomnia, my old friend! He started visiting me nightly when my oldest son started going out and coming home impaired (nice word for drunk or on drugs) and then when he moved out, the middle of the night calls came. I started being afraid to go to sleep and now sleep with ambien or lunesta every night and am so thankful for the sleep they bring. I did try every otc and "natural" sleep aid out there, but I finally gave in and told the doctor. I've been sleeping since, except for rare nights when nothing works.

Sorry about the migraine your daughter had. I had those for a while during the blessed menopause.

jmb said...

Yes indeed Leslie and it gets worse the older I get. I tend to stay up till 1.30 or 2 am and then fall asleep from exhaustion but am bright eyed but not refreshed at 7 am again.

XUE said...

as a mother, i feel for you. we'll never stop worrying, isn't it? i hv insomnia too & i'll go to my kids & kiss them in their bed.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Insomnia sucks big time. :-(

Migraines suck even more :-(

I sure hope you're able to get some sleep and that your daughter will be migraine free for a good long while.
Chamomile tea often helps me when I can't sleep.