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Friday, June 20, 2008

My Little Gardener

I had a surprise visit from D#1 and my two little munchkins this morning! It was such a pleasant surprise as I usually go to their place due to the baby's schedule. I got lots of smiles and coos from Eden and she was wide-eyed looking around at the trees and listening to the birds.

Noah tried out "his" new bed in "his" room (the guest room that I've painted). I bought a new double bed so he can stay overnight once in a while and his sister can sleep with him when she's old enough to stay over, too. He was quite delighted with the bed, which he tried out by bouncing on it a few times and lying down to make sure it was comfy enough. He likes the view from the window and the pictures I chose to decorate the walls.

Then we sat on the patio for our visit but it wasn't long when Noah wanted to know if he could dig in the garden. Naturally, I said "YES! Of course you can!" You see, I figure if I can get him trained early enough to know weeds from flowers, he can come and do my weeding for me when he's a bit older. LOL Anyway, he got busy digging but then asked if I had any gloves. A bit surprised by that, I got out the gardening gloves, put them on him and off he went again. He had a toy police car and the toy tractor from the farm I keep here for him to play with and eventually, he brought the whole farm outside, too.
I caught him in the garden with my camera and just had to share. He looks so small among the plants and he was so busy he didn't even notice me taking his picture. I just love getting candid shots of him. He politely asked if he could take the car and the tractor home with him so he could play with them at his house, so I say "Sure," and also gave him the little farmer that sits on the tractor. As they pulled out of the driveway, I saw his little arms waving good-bye while he hung on tightly to those little toys.

They all made my day and I'll have the memory forever.
Click to enlarge the photos. Yes, they WILL enlarge this time!


Josie said...

What a beautiful little boy he is! I love his big boy haircut. My gosh, and I just love the photos of him in the garden. You know, he will remember this day too, when he worked in Gramma's garden on a summer afternoon. :-)

Country Girl said...

I love hearing the joy that comes out of you when writing about your grandchildren. I hope that someday I'll have the opportunity to share, too! (But not too soon).

Paulie said...

Neat that you captured some memories for both of you with your garden photos. I love when kids play with dirt!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

What a lovely day and company you had. Love your logic about teaching him the weeding!

nancygrayce said...

Aren't grandchildren just the greatest!? They are truly gifts. It's so nice that you have yours near. I'll be flying out to California from Florida next week to see mine.

leslie said...

Hi Josie, yes I sure hope he'll remember this day, but who knows?

Hi Kate, whenever that time comes I know you will revel in it like I do. :D

Hi Paulie, I had to help him wash his hands and then his face, too, because he'd rubbed his hands all over. He looked so cute, though!

Hi WL, Right now it's fun for him, but later it will become work and he'll probably be very normal in NOT wanting to help weed.

Hi Nancy, lucky you to get to visit yours! Have a fantastic time and savour the moments. Take lots of photos, too!

Emmyrose said...

Beautiful photos. Happy weekend!

crazy working mom said...

What a great story with beautiful photos to enhance! :)
Nicely done. Thanks for dropping by.

Ruth D~ said...

He's so captivated by what he's doing! It's so great how kids can get lost in the moment, no self consciousness at all. Cute pix.

starnitesky said...

Noah had a lovely day with your, glad he enjoyed your garden, you have taken some good candid photos to treasure.

Liz said...

He's not the same without his hair!! But good plan to get him interested early!