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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Birthday Lunch

What a gorgeous day to visit Granville Island! Clear blue skies formed a ceiling over the brilliant trees just turning red, gold, yellow, and burnt orange. We lucked out getting a free parking spot as someone pulled out just as we arrived giving us a 5-minute walk to the Granville Island Hotel and Dockside Restaurant. Oldest sister had already arrived so we joined her at the table by the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the marina full of massive sailboats. This was our view! Check out that chandelier...

After the formalities of "Happy Birthday," etc. we set to deciding on our drinks. Sisters had mimosas (which I dislike) so I opted instead for a pear cider. Brunch for me was a shrimp bennie and a circular caramel pecan cheesecake for dessert. I was SO full that I was grateful for that bit of a walk back to the car.

Oh, I got prezzies, too! The book, "The Time Traveler's Wife," a CD called "Paris Café," and a gift card to Starbucks. Just the ticket for a grey, rainy Vancouver day - I'll get some Starbucks coffee and a nice new mug and settle in to read while listening to soft French musique in front of a warm fire.

But before that happens, I want to go on a photo safari to capture the colours of the season. Plus I need to get the tulip bulbs planted soon, too. Although our temperatures are in the high teens celsius (in the 60's), it does cool down at night.

So the first in a month of special days has come and gone and I'm looking forward to Tuesday - the real birth-day - when Lorne and I are going out for dinner. We actually haven't done that in a while, so it should be nice.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Happy birthday, Leslie, even if it's not really till Tuesday! You're like the Queen - 2 birthdays!

Leslie: said...

Thanks, Pat! Actually, I get to celebrate 3 times 'cuz the family is coming for Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday and we'll celebrate both.

nancygrayce said...

Oh, what a beautiful place! Just the view would make my day.

Maggie May said...

Happy Birthday.
*The Time Traveller's Wife* is a fascinating book! Good read!
Lovely place!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Happy Birthday Leslie, sounds like lots and lots of fun already. Enjoy the celebrations at the weekend too!! :-)

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday Week, leslie.
That's a beautiful looking place!
And I like the sound of that cheesecake!