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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Why We Have Children When We're Young

My 4-year-old grandson spent the afternoon and night with me last night. At first he didn't want his Mommy and Daddy to leave without him, but when I asked him if he wanted to play "hide and seek" he kept telling his parents to leave. So, after about an hour of running up and down stairs, finding unique but not too hard to find places to hide (note below he found me in the bathtub behind the shower curtain), he decided he wanted to play with the cars and other toys I keep here for when he comes to visit. Thank goodness my younger daughter had come over to see him because she was able to keep him occupied for quite a while since I had to catch my breath. (I'm very very old and feeble now that I'm a Gramma, you know!)

After he'd run the course of half a ream of paper drawing shapes, houses, smiley faces, and trees, he wanted to go outside to play. But since the grass was too soggy and he didn't have his boots, nothing would do but to go for a walk (think "run") outside. We bundled up and watched as he ran ran ran ran ran around my little neighbourhood. He took a tumble once and daughter and I held our breath waiting for the cry, but he was a great little trooper and got himself up saying, "I'm okay!" And off he went running again. We played a bit of hide and seek in the tiny little park down the road and I let him take pictures of the bushes, houses, and even the red sky before we headed back inside.

However, before he would come inside the house, he just had to check out the driver's seat of Gramma's car. So in typical male fashion, he checked out all the mirrors and other accoutrements in the car before pretending to drive. Patience, Gramma!
His dinner consisted of crackers, Smarties, jujubes, and a bit of milk. He's not much of an eater, but when he's hungry he will eat. But I don't force him. We drove daughter home and went in so little N could see her place. After a thorough look around, we went home and played "catch" with one of my little stuffed dogs and a teddy bear. I must say he's very good at throwing and catching, considering he's only 4. At 8:30, we both put our jammies on, brushed our teeth and climbed into bed. I gave him my giant flashlight and his Leapster to play with while I watched Midsommer Murders (my all-time favourite thing to watch if I'm home on a Saturday night...Um, when am I "not" home these days?)


But I digress. He was still going strong at 9:50 so I told him he had 5 more minutes to play and then he had to put the toys away. Each minute I told him how much longer and when the time was up, do you think he said "Okay."???? Of course not! He's 4, remember? He told me he wanted to win! So, I said okay. (Well, I'm Gramma, right?) But I was very surprised that in about two more minutes, he announced, "I won!" He put everything down, cuddled right up to me and within 10 seconds he was asleep!

We got up early this morning and I took him to church, wondering what this new experience would be like for him. But he was amazing! He was so good, smiling and giving people little waves. He enjoyed standing up on the chair while we sang and was quiet when it was time to pray. (not that he understands ANY of this, mind you) After 45 minutes of unbelievably angelic behaviour, he suddenly announced (in a regular voice, mind you, so everyone could hear him), "I want to go home now!"

My friend quickly took him to the nursery area so he could play with the toys there. I go to a very small church and, unfortunately, today there were no other little children for him to play with. But he loved kicking a soccer ball around and played with the cars and other things. After the service was over, he had a great time sharing his two cars with another young boy (in grade 6) and they had a hilarious time making them crash into each other. (More typical male behaviour.)

Just as we were entering the restaurant where we'd decided to have lunch, little N's Mommy and Daddy arrived. He was thrilled to see them and we all had lunch together before he went home.

I don't remember ever being this tired when my own children were young but right now I'm so tired I can hardly see straight and just want to go to bed. I guess this is why we have children when we're young. We need that endurance and perseverance to be able to keep up with all that energy little ones possess.

Don't get me wrong, though. I love this little guy more than you could ever know and I would never trade any time I get to have with him. It's been a long time since anyone asked me if he could cuddle with me. I'll never forget that - ever. *sigh* Just look at this photo! Anyone who has ever had children knows that this is the picture that gets us in the heart every time.


Ruth D~ said...

What an adorable little muffin. Wait until he sees himself starring in your blog. He'll have to have an encore. And it is more tiring with grandchildren!

Ruth D~ said...

I'd already been here before I saw your post on my blog. I'd been thinking of you, too. I've been soooo busy, I've been losing touch on the blogs I like, but tonight since I was sitting and watching the Super Bowl, I took some time to catch up.

Glad I did!

Josie said...

Leslie, that little guy is adorable! Isn't it fun when they stay overnight like that? They're a joy, aren't they?

I love the photographs, by the way!

How lucky you are, to be able to talk about him and post pictures of him. I'm not allowed to do that with my munchkins, as you know, but they bring great joy to my heart as well. They're coming to stay with me next weekend.

Casdok said...

How wonderful! He is soo cute!

the walking man said...

Looks like Grammie has a Honda and let the little guy know it's not as fun crashing cars together when you're a bigger male child.



Trubes said...

What a gorgeous little chap Leslie, no wonder you were exhausted the next day.
I agree with you about having children when you`re young. It horrifies me when I read of women in their 50's and 60's having fertility treatment so that they can conceive. They're either crazy or very rich, or, dare I say, both !
Lovely pictures too, is that Jaclyn with him ? If so, she really looks well after her illness, must be Mama`s loving care !

leslie said...

Hi all, yes I AM exhausted today but I have a feeling I'm coming down with a little bug. And yes, that's Jaclyn, trubes, and she IS doing well. And no it's not a Honda - it's a Buick Regal - and of course he knows the difference between toy cars and real ones. I'm also very lucky that his M & D don't mind me posting about our little adventures together. I could not IMAGINE having a child at my age! But I'm so grateful to have this little guy, and soon his little sister too, in my life! :D

jmb said...

Four is the perfect age, I always say.

I'm too old to have a four year old granddaughter too. But then my daughter was 36 when she was born.

Looks like you had a fun time and thst's what counts.

nancygrayce said...

He is so gorgeous! Aren't grandchildren the best?? But I know what you mean when you say you're exhausted when they go home...to everything a season, a time to come and a time to go home with mommy and daddy! :)

meggie said...

Oh I know the feeling of this post Leslie! Don't they make you tired, & you can't believe you did it without falling apart when you were young.
Your Grandson is just gorgeous, & what a sweet little cutie.
Is that Spider man Jammies I see there? Thanks for visiting my blog, & leaving me a comment.

There is nothing quite like the hugs you get from a dear little Grandchild!!

geewits said...

What a precious little boy in his spiderman pajamas! I don't know if you caught my post last year when I kept my nephew, who was 3 1/2, but as I was trying to figure out how to get him to wind down, I decided to put on an episode of "Frasier." He was asleep in about 3 minutes!

kissa said...

You have every reason to be proud of this A1 lad. Thank yuo for the delightful pictures.

Liz said...

He has such a gorgeous grin! How could any gramma resist?! And what a good boy he was for you. I can imagine it's a lot more tiring keeping children amused now than it was when we were younger. I keep telling Daughter I will too old to help her if she doesn't get on with it!!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I'm worn out just reading about it! What an energetic and adorable child he is! Wonderful photos.

BBC said...

Um, I didn't really want children, I just wanted sex, my wife wanted children.

So there we were, two kids raising kids. We didn't do to badly at it I guess.

I like good kids, but spoiled and rowdy ones bother me. I'm not around kids much anymore. I guess I'm not much of a kid person.

Gledwood said...

Children definitely spend half their lives asleep to give the parents a break. DEFINITELY!!

Dave said...

The beauty about grandkids? You can love em and leave 'em by having your kids pick them up. Your grandson seems to really enjoy grammas company. Nothing is better than that right?

Take care! :-)

granmal said...

Found your blog through Dots. Your grandson is adorable with endless energy - thus the description of a 4 year old. I have 4 gks ages 20 months to 5yrs. They are all precious and I love spending time with them. But like you I am always exhausted after long stays. But always ready for them to come again.

Sharon said...

He is such a cutie, I can't get over that beautiful head full of curly hair. You must be a wonderful Gramma, even if you are old and feeble! ;) *wink*

Pear tree cottage! said...

O! Leslie, this post touched my heart.

He is a gem! but I felt every moment as you wrote it like it was happening to me too.....O! it did just happen to me yesterday too! (smiles)

No wonder my legs are sore, all that fun rushing around but EVERY! moment is worth EVERY! sore bit!! :) on my body today.....Yes that is why we have our children early so we can be young nanni's we can love them and then its hand back our grandchildren with love to their parents after a Long day! right!!

Big hugs to Jaclyn too - she is looking very happy and well.


Shirl & Lola said...

And while you had your grandson to stay, that very night we had two to stay! But there are two of us to do the job so that makes it fair. Still twice as exhausting but exactly the same heart-stopping and awesome experience.