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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Manhattan Beach Meet and Greet

Hi everyone! I'd love some input about the LA (and Chicago) meet & greets. Who is thinking about going and who is definitely going? Do you think we go to BOTH nights or just one? What are you planning to wear? What else could we do while in the area (e.g. during the day/s)? Feel free to put in comments, questions, suggestions, etc. Thanks.


leslie said...

desertflowers I was just reading Clickgirl's site where you and Linda were thinking about driving. Why don't you? I've answered CJ's offer of sharing a room, but will just have to wait until I get an okay from my principal. Not telling her what I'm doing, just an offer of a weekend in LA. So as soon as I can get an answer from her, I'll let CJ (and everyone else) if I can come. It would take a big chunk out of my "cruise" savings, but it may be worth it to meet so many others from the "blog" and see the competition.

I really don't think he's making this thing an "open" invitation to "anyone" but merely the "applicants" and newsletter ladies. He said a long time ago that most of the newsletter ladies aren't even applying, just watching from the sidelines.

Since you've already sent in your video, you might even get your 3 minutes with him and be able to give us your thoughts.

My daughter still hasn't got my video put on tape yet but is going to get her father-in-law to help her one night next week. I hesitate to hurry her up because she works full time and has her husband and baby to deal with. But, the minute it's in my hands, I'm going to the post office and sending it registered overnight whatever to get there fast. I want my 3 minutes, too. I might ust then figure "the heck with all this, let's go girls!" :D

I asked CJ & will ask you - do you think we just go to one evening or the other, or both nights?

DesertFlowers said...

Hi Girlfriend: Just tell the principal it's a family member that is very ill.

Well my problem is I sent him an email that said to s__t can my video. LOL He has always responded to my emails but this one he didn't, so I don't know if he got it or not, cus we were in the progess of exchanging phone lines and that's when our email system went completely down. I haven't received any of his latest newsletters either. It would be my luck that my name has been bombed right out of there. LOL

I had a male friend of mine look at RR's site and he said we were crazy to pay to meet this guy and that he felt after reading some of the post that RR has done that the man was completely full of himself. He said that if we wanted to go on a senior cruise it was as simple as booking one that would be all single senior's. I kind of agree, but I'm so darn noisey and curious it's a woman thing for sure. And then there is the free trip. LOL A man wouldn't go what we're planning on doing. Another thing is it could be something like a pilot to see what kind of response he gets for potential sponsors. I just don't trust him. If you'll notice when he writes something - he's always somewhat rude. Or maybe I'm just reading it wrong. But there are times and even CJ pointed it out that it clearly is not him writing the post (way to nice).

What I don't like is that all ages are invited and it is an open party. I don't care for the idea of pretty little, perfectly bouncing boobies, young 20 year olds to be at the party with me or any of us for that matter.

If this is suppose to be seniors why are all ages welcome. What is going thru this man's head. $$$$$

Oh by the way did you catch my email about the weiner - did you get it -

Wonder if DG is going? or maybe had a personal invite.

I hate the fact that we may be really let down (CJ has certainly warned us enough about this) and that this is just another money making gimmick

DesertFlowers said...

So where is everybody? You said come over here but where's everyone at. LOL

Canadian Bloggette said...

Hi Y'all,
Leslie....ya just tell the principal that 12 of your closest sisters are suffering from a very rare and severe form of scrollitis coupled with a highly contagious and sometimes fatal Blog Fever which can affect the brian!!
Now desertflower dahling....I came knocking too, nobody home.......
Must be everyone is out on hot dates..smart move girls!!
I must say that I like your male friend ALOT, that is exaclty what I thought the minute I read RR's blog........let's see:
pay to go,
pay to stay,
pay to eat,
pay to return.....hmmmmm!
sounds like a win/lose proposition to me. Bottom line EVERYONE has an agenda!EVERYONE! It is simply a matter of transparency..or not!
Plus I don't think you are reading him wrong, I find him both rude and condescending.
Plus..........I still don't get the weiner thing!!?? I must be the biggest moron alive...if you were really a nice sister you would explain the darn thing to me!! I never felt the term: "not the sharpest knife in the drawer" applied to moi.......wrong!!
Plus one more thing.........thanks for the Oil of Olay suggestion, do ya think it would help....I dunno! Perhaps a total makeover: full face and body lift, major dermabrassion, and total replacement is in order! I am shocked that RR didn't send me a personal invite what with my adorable MOM mush!! I don't bite!
Cheers a demain!

Canadian Bloggette said...

Hey Suzan I just read your commnet on my Blog..........thank you thank you thank you......I answered you on my Blog...K???

Canadian Bloggette said...

Gosh darn ...........I meant Desertflower..........not Suzan...brain cramps BIGTIME!!

DesertFlowers said...

Leslie I tried to email you but it keeps coming back with an error. Did you change your email address or something? email me at mtnflowers@cableaz.com

itchyfeet35 said...

Hey Leslie...I read somewhere, where you told Richard you were only 47 years old. You may have cut off your own nose to spite your face. The detective in me came out, and I checked on Zaba Search for Richard Roe...Manhatton Beach....they say he was born 1931....so he may infact be searching for someone nearer your true age. Ofcourse, I doubt that Richard has forgotten his true age. Just had to throw that at you. Good luck, no harm in trying.....

ClickGirl said...

Hi Itchyfeet
Not to answer for Leslie - but I think you misunderstood. She was referring to her Match.com site - when she referred to the age thing. Isn't that correct, Leslie?

Hey Leslie
I posted to everyone over on Suzanne/DesertFlowers site. Like your new look here! And ... The Bra!! Love it! : )

Oh - and I'm going to sign up on Match.com again too. You and Linda have inspired me. :) I'm on eHarmony - but I'm not crazy about it. I keep getting strange match-ups. :O

Talk at ya' Later ...

Click Girl

leslie said...

To itchyfeet yes, as Brenda mentioned, I said I was 47 on Match.com but I told RR my true age which is 57. I would never lie to someone I was actually going to meet and if I meet someone from Match.com (unlikely) I'll just say there was a mistake made. No big deal - I just wondered if I might get more responses if I "were" under 50. An experiment, so to speak.

ClickGirl said...

Hi Leslie
I think that experiment is a good idea. I will be interested in hearing the results! : ) I just did my profile on Match (ClickGirl2005) ... but it is really rough! I just threw it together - and the statement ended up being one big paragraph - though I had spaced for paragraphs. Don't know why that happened - as it makes it hard to read. But I noticed some of the guys had paragraphs - so ... I'll have to go back and fix that - when I have time to think it through a little bit more. Anyway - I did notice that the guys that I thought were interesting - were looking for women 50 and under. : (

I tried to use Linda's approach - and be more specific about what I was looking for (or not) - but I already had one guy write ... and some of them just don't get it - do they? Oh well. We'll see how it goes. : )

Take care. Have a good one!

Click Girl

Phyl said...

Hey Leslie and everyone

Thanks for allowing me in anonymously ;). Agree with pretty much all the adjectives used here re this post. I haven't seen the film but didn't know it was paid for by others. I have no problem with people getting sponsors for stuff but like them to be upfront about it.

I don't think RR is going to choose anyone. I think the O show is going to do the choosing. Therefore, I don't think he's looking for love and I think that whoever travels with him is going to have a camera stuck in her face (and elsewhere ;)) for the duration. Also bear in mind that editing will occur after that and Buddha himself might only have an idea of what one might come out looking and sounding like *LOL*. Psychotic springs to mind!! My oh my .. haven't the rules/aspirations changed.
Why would one have to bring a copy of their bio to THE BBQ. What is the purpose of that. My guess is that someone will be filming it. Hey Suzanne, you're a PI ... looks like you're back in business with this job *LOL*.

I'm definitely not flying to LA for this. Something else on anyway.. but will be dying to hear from any of my pals as to what happened. My only worry is that you'll all be smitten and be sworn to secrecy ;)

Ciao ...... Phyl

CJinSOCAL said...

Help, I have not heard back from you on confirmation of sharing a room?? Did you find other arrangements?? I need to change the king bed to double beds before the hotel books up...Sorry I was at the dentist's office when I got your e-mail and then was knocked out on pain meds until the next day..That is the last time I have two crowns done at once, lol.......

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