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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Sawyer Glacier

As we travelled up Tracy Arm in Alaska, we passed many, many icebergs of incredible shapes and sizes. The water was a beautiful turquoise and the icebergs reflected this in their lower halves. When we finally reached Sawyer Glacier, the ship's captain announced that we were as close as we could go; if we went any closer, it would be too dangerous. So, next time I go I want to take the special excursion where you can take a smaller boat right through the ice floes close to the foot of the glacier. At any rate, the whole experience was phenomenal and unforgettable.


DesertFlowers said...

Leslie: I loved the photos here, which only depicts a slight beauty of Alaska. It is a truly incredibly beautiful area. Good job. We need more. Keep em coming. I am traveling vicariously through the many woman I have met.


happy said...

Leslie your photos sure bring back memories for me too. I watched for almost an hour as a man struggled to row a small boat from the glacier's end toward the visitor's center. I didn't realize until he finally got the boat at dock that he had actually roped a fairly small iceberg and was towing it!

He put the berg on an underwater platform which lifted the berg to the second story of the building. As we gathered around for the ranger's talk about icebergs, in through an opening in the wall slid the aforementioned berg with a huge heavy scraping sound.

Here's what really impressed me! This iceberg was about the size of 2 large throw pillows, but so dense that it weighed over 500 pounds!

Thanks for your pics & memories. :)

Anonymous said...

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