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Saturday, January 05, 2008

My bed and how I miss it

How many of you have ever given up your bed to a guest or (like me right now) to a sick relative? Now I'm not complaining - well, maybe I should admit I am...a bit...but my bed is my sanctuary. It took many years to find just the right bed with just the right firmness and just the right amount of cushioniness (is that a word?). I don't have to share it with anyone and I've managed to find the perfect spot that keeps me comfy and cosy all night long. This winter I bought myself some lovely peachy-pink flannel sheets and pillow cases and I keep them fresh and clean, simply washing them and putting them right back on. Once I slip in, I pull up my warm woolly blanket that I bought about 20 years ago when we lived in frigid Ottawa. I arrange the pillows just so, lay back, do a bit of daydreaming, and let myself drift off.

I hadn't had time to redo Jaclyn's bedroom and make it a proper guest room before she fell ill so that room is empty. However, I do have a sofabed in the family room so thought there'd be no problem - I'd sleep there and she could have my room with the TV, ensuite, and office down the hall so she wouldn't have to worry about stairs or my feeling like she was constantly under my feet.

The first night that I slept on the sofabed, all I could think was "Poor Josie! She slept (or tried to) on this thing last New Year's Eve and never complained!" Well...that mattress does not have much cushion on top of the springs! All night I tossed and turned trying desperately to find a soft spot, but with no luck. My bad back is very sensitive and I think those wires were giddy with joy at the idea that I was not a happy camper. (*Let's see how miserable we can make this sleeper!*)

Next night, I thought I'd just sleep on top of the sofa. No problem there - nice and soft yet firm. I settled myself down and as I turned over on my side, one leg fell off the sofa. Thump! A bit too narrow for that position. Hmm...let's try something else. I lay on my back - okay, I fit fine. Then my left leg started to go numb - that's the bad side and too much constant pressure there causes the bone spurs to jab into the nerves. Okay, turn on my stomache. The pillow was jammed into my face and I couldn't breathe. One minute I was too hot with the comforter on top of me and the next minute it had slipped off and I was too cold. I finally managed a few winks that night and was none the worse for wear in the morning.

Last night I figured I'd do the same. However, nothing worked - I was up and down, flipping front to back, side to side, and finally dragged the comforter into the living room to try that sofa. While it had a bit more width to it, one of my legs started to cramp up! Ai-yi-yi! that hurt! I could hear the fridge going on and off, the kitchen clock going tic tic tic (*shut UP*), ambulances and fire engines screaming down the highway (the wind must have been in just the right direction, naturally), and finally I heard the morning paper plop through the mail slot.

Okay, my plan for tonight is to pull out this single-width mattress that we bought years ago so the kids could have friends sleep over on the floor with it. I'll put it on the sofa bed and see if it works. I think my knees can find a spot between the springs if they happen to slide off the mattress in the night and perhaps my back with be cushioned enough. Wish me luck - God help me if I don't get any sleep tonight!


Janice Thomson said...

Ahh Leslie it's tough isn't it but I know you wouldn't have it any other way. Soon Jaclyn will be in her own place again and just think how much you'll enjoy your bed once more!! Hope your new plan works ;)

jmb said...

I hope you don't mind if I laugh Leslie. Lovely post indeed. But I do hope you get some sleep tonight.

Leslie: said...

I'm laughing, too, and I certainly wouldn't have it any other way. But I think I've fixed the sofa bed up quite nicely now. I put the single-wide mattress down one side and the two large sofa cusions on the other. Makes quite a comfy mattress. Now if only it all stays together. I'm off....*yawn*

Casdok said...

Yes my bed is my sanctary to!
Good luck!!

Dave said...

I spent many a year on the couch when my grandmother moved in with us. To this day, I would rather sleep on a couch. Fortunately I have a comfy couch that I sleep on every so often.

I hope you do better tonight! :-)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I understand what you are going through. In the end, I find a mattress on the floor is the best solution. To avoid the cold, place one blanket on top of the mattress and then cover with bedsheet. Sleep on top of that. Good luck.

Leslie: said...

Ah...much better last night! I slept like a baby so now I know how to do it. It was so comfy I even took my coffee back into my temporary sleeping quarters and snuggled down watching the morning news.

Now to "unmake" it for the day.

Jo said...

Leslie, LOL!!! Sofa beds are not the most comfortable things in the world, but I actually had not a bad sleep on it when I was there. Of course, it might have been all that champagne beforehand. :-)

This too shall pass...

I'm glad to hear Jaclyn is feeling better. That's a good sign.

Leslie: said...

Oh Josie, I'm SO glad - all I could think of my first night on that thing was how you'd never commented on it. I thought you'll NEVER sleep over again until I get a proper bed in the guest room! lol Oh well, now I've figured it out so I don't mind sleeping on it until Jaclyn's well enough to go home to her own place.

Nancy said...

Oh Leslie, bless your heart (that's what we say way down yonder in the south)! Your words describe the scene perfectly, I have been there- done that- and............ it is no fun at all. I hope your new plan works because if you are like me- you can't stand many more nights without your rest. May God bless you, for your generousity (sp??) towards your daughter.

Liz Hinds said...

Like jmb, I was laughing! I do hope you've finaly managed to suss it out and get some good sleep. You must have sleep! Along with chocolate.

When I was little and we had visitors I got put on a makeshift bed with a feather mattress! It was gorgeous; I loved it.

Prayers with you and Jaclyn.

BBC said...

For camping I use an air mattress, a full sized one. And I have a big double acting pump to blow it up with. They are not expensive and are great to sleep on.

Jeremy Jacobs said...


Me, ENFJ, bordering on ENFP. And a Leo.

All those should make me unbearable!

Anonymous said...

Found you through smalltown RN...not to insult but you sound like my mom!

Her room is her perfect little sanctuary and none shall sully it.

She sleeps in the one spot in the bed and the blankets are barely rumpled.

She always gives up her little piece of heaven for guests though..but she does have a spare bed!

heiresschild said...

hi Leslie, yes, i've given up my bed before, so i know exactly what you're going thru. i have a daybed now, and i love it, but when my daughter had her surgery when she was in college, she had to stay home for a bit, so we both slept in her queen size bed so i could be right there with her. i snore when i'm really tired, and taking care of her was keeping me really tired, so when she began to feel better, she put me out of her bed, and i went back to my comfy daybed. you do tell a good story Leslie! lol

Ruth L.~ said...

Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Hope you find a soft spot somewhere. I sleep like you described everynight. I'm not sure what my best spot or mattress would be, but the hotflashes don't help.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

What a great post! And you have reminded me of how I missed my bed when I was waiting or it to arrive here [it took 6 weeks!] I cuddle up with Simi on it and never forget how much I appreciate it.