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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt: Old-Fashioned Scrapbook

Old-Fashioned Scrapbook
I'm a bit late doing this Saturday Photo Hunt, first of all because I just decided to give it a go. Second, I'm probably in the furthest west time zone of most people doing it. But, if you happen to find me, check back next week to see if I've had time to do it again.

I decided to show you my late mother's scrapbook. She started it when she got engaged to my Dad back in 1942 and saved all the cards, notes, and telegrams that he sent her while he was away in the war. It starts out with little cards congratulating her on her engagement, goes on to all her wedding cards, Valentine, Christmas, and anniversary cards and finally to birth announcements and cards of congratulations on the birth of my older sister.

It's interesting to look back at the style of cards people sent then. There were the usual neutral ones along with humorous and romantic ones. Dad even sent cards to my sister when he was away and Mom carefully tucked them inside this scrapbook. She saved this book and all its contents and now I have the honour of keeping it for future generations to see. Hope you enjoy the photos.


nancygrayce said...

How sweet! I have letters that my daddy sent to my mama when he worked out of town when my older brother and sister were just little toddlers. They are precious to me!

jmb said...

Well there are a few of us here in the West who have been doing Photo Hunt for quite a while. I love it.

These are wonderful photos of something very special for this week's theme Leslie. Since you have two daughters it will be hard to pass on, perhaps you can give it straight to your new granddaughter, soon to be with you.

Michele said...

I am from BC and have been doing Photohunt for a while so welcome to the photohunt... this old fashioned scrapbook is awesome!! What a great addition to the theme... it's beautiful!!
The Rocky Mountain Retreat

Casdok said...

Oh wow! How fasinating!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Photo Hunt:) I'm from a completely different time zone (Europe), but it always seems to work.

My parents were married the year yours were engaged. How wonderful to have all those little things that tell their story collected together like that.

Liz Hinds said...

Great old-fashioned cards. What a lovely album to treasure. I have lots of old cards but theyr'e all loose and mixed up.

Anonymous said...

Now that I am scrapbooking as a hobby, I just began one with the cards my hubby and I give to each other for the occasions of the year or any excuse we find. Also keeping the cards from special family until the next time around and then keeping those and so on. I am determined to never regret not keeping the last card someone sent me...

My parents have a couple of 'old fashioned' scrapbooks that I compiled as a girl. One of when we lived in Cyprus. It is very aged and brown now but still has appeal - evokes memories in the way that memorabilia, not just photos, can.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Leslie, that is beautiful. I agree with you about the style of cards having changed. I can imagine how you must treasure this.

Laura said...

Can you tell me were you got the scrapbook? I have a friend looking for one.


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