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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Eden Elizabeth - again

Hi everyone - I just couldn't resist posting a few more shots of Eden. I took them last night when we went to visit. Jamie was feeling much better and was able to hold, change, and feed Eden without too much discomfort. Here she is trying to burp Eden. The lamb in the background is what I bought her for a present - it's called a "Sleep Sheep" and makes 4 sounds: a mother's heartbeat, the rain, the ocean, and whale songs. All proceeds go to the Children's Wish Foundation of the Vancouver Children's Hospital.

And I finally got a shot of Eden with her eyes open! She looked so sweet. When Jamie phoned this morning, she told me that Eden was just lying in her arms looking up at her, as content as could be. Awwww....the mother/baby bonding!

And Noah was so thrilled that he could sit with his Mommy finally for a bit of a cuddle. But he was warned not to touch Mommy's tummy because it was still very sore. You can tell how happy he was to be with Mommy. When we got home last night, he had a meltdown from missing his Mommy and Daddy so much. He cried and cried and cried while I just held him and told him I understood. Finally, he settled down but I had to stay in bed with him until he eventually drifted off.

Today we're having a very low key day. I finally had a shower as he's now used to being here and I can trust him to be alone for 10 minutes without going out the front door. We made the bed, vacuumed, and threw in a load of laundry. Then we went to see the ducks at the slough near the grocery store. We picked up some juice, apples, and a treat for him (those mini Easter eggs) and then went across the street where I bought him a "big brother" present. He LOVES it - a Fire Chief truck that has a siren and says "All units Code 4109" "Okay that. We're on the way." He's been playing with it all afternoon.

We're also NOT going to go visiting today to keep him calmer and if he mentions seeing his Mommy, I'll just tell him he's going home tomorrow afternoon. I think we'll stop off and buy a nice big bouquet of tulips for the family. I saw some beautiful colours today when we were at the store.

Much as I love my precious Noah, he is a go-getter - never stops for a minute. I am out of practise and forgot how busy mothers are. And this old back can only take so much. Thank goodness Jaclyn's coming over in a while to take him out on his bike before we have sushi for dinner. Being a gramma is awesome, though.


Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh my she is adorable and she already looks like she is smiling.

I think i am going to be getting my grandson for a few weeks or more, he is 9 and the reason i am getting him is because he got kicked out of the school district for the yr.
So he is going to be a handful maybe.He has that carrot top red hair and the temper to go with it. Wish me luck on that one.

leslie said...

Oh dear, I DO wish you luck. Sounds like he needs a firm yet loving hand. To be kicked out of the school district he must have really been naughty.

Smalltown RN said...

Oh Leslie...he is such a sweetie...but I am sure you are getting tired...I guess that is why we have our children when we are younger...the do requires a lot of energy on our part...sounds like you are having a fabulous time with him though....and you grand daugther....toooooooo cute....daughter looks happy and healthy as well....job well done all!!!

Casdok said...

Beautiful photos! Try not to over do it! But im sure its hard to resist that cheaky face!!

kissa said...

She is so sweet impossible not to give her a cuddle. Noah has a lovely face and at that age there is so much energy until they flop at the end of the day. You sound a wonderful gramma but it is all exhausting. Your daughter lookls happy too.

Anonymous said...

What wonderfully cheering news and photos, Leslie. And I love the sheep!

I am so pleased for all of you. God bless xxxx

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

She is so sweet and adorable and you must all be so proud. You deserve this happiness in your life, Leslie.

San said...

Beautiful post, Leslie. I so enjoy seeing family pictures. Eden is magnificent and Noah--well, you and he look simply radiant together. Good times.

Never heard of a sleep sheep, but those sounds are so lulling. I'd rather listen to that than count sheep.

meggie said...

Oh how sweet & adorable she is! And Noah is such a heartstealer!
Their pretty Gramma scarcely looks old enough to be a Gramma!
So good to see your daughter looking radiant, with her little treasure today.

Josie said...

Leslie, what a couple of cutie patooties! Grandma looks petty good too, all things considered. *heh*

I can hardly wait to meet Eden, and Noah too for that matter!!

starnitesky said...

Georgous photographs! She is so sweet, I hope Noah is not missing mum so much, he looks like a proud brother.

Kerri said...

Oh what a beautiful baby...she does look like she's smiling!
And a very handsome grandson, too!

david mcmahon said...

We're so proud on your behalf.

sally in norfolk said...

Eden is beautiful and i so love noah's hair :-)

heiresschild said...

hi Leslie, i had just asked in your recent post at the top if the new grandbaby had been born yet, then i decided to keep reading down to all the previous posts i'd missed.

Eden and Noah are so beautiful! i'm reading and taking some lessons for when i go to california in a couple of months to help out. the twins aren't due until august, but Karyce is 2-1/2 yrs old, so i've been getting in shape a bit more. i'll be staying until about november, then we'll see from there.

it's good you live near your daughter, plus you have your other daughter to help out also. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY FOR EDEN, THE NEWEST FAMILY MEMBER!!!